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Sticker is common in every corner of our life, and we can see it in products packaged; publicity materials etc. Labels can be divided into two types: One is paper sticker label, Another is the film type adhesive label. 1,Paper sticker label are mainly used for liquid detergent products and popular personal care products; Film type adhesive label are mainly used in high and middle grade daily products. At present, the popular personal care products and household liquid cleaning products occupy a large proportion in the market, so the corresponding paper materials are used more. 2, Film type adhesive label are commonly used in PE, PP, PVC and some other synthetic materials. The materials are mainly white, matte and transparent three kinds. Sticker can used in wide various field, We Can Commonly see the Bar-code Label in drug label, food label, wine label, battery label, outer box label, shampoo label, bar code label, product semi product temporary label and so on.
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